Core Values

You don’t have to be young…

Athletes of all types have seen or heard advice to make strength training a part of their regular training, but how many take any notice?

In this post I reflect on my own recent experiences when undertaking strength training for the first time: my motivation, the results so far and my plans for the future.  I also invite comments from readers of the post; especially those interested in sports other than running.

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North East Marathon Club’s Winter Wonder Runs

(This article contributed by Simon Graham)

The North East Marathon Club (NEMC) runs a series of events during the winter months called the Winter Wonder Runs. On the 31st December I took part in the second event in this series. These are not races as such and have the feeling much more of a group social run, doing as much or as little as you want.

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Contributing reports

Members please use this contact form to submit reports and photos. We are happy to publish “all the news that’s fit to print”, but reserve the right to edit contributions; although we would not intentionally change the meaning or intention of the report. Images are, of course, particularly welcome and we will use them to enhance the report.

A VCAC Debut

Alex Kiel runningMany thanks to Alex Kiel for sending in this report. Alex is a second claim runner, whose first claim club is the Quakers Running Club.

Earlier this month I had the pleasure, for the first time, of donning a VCAC running vest. For one reason or another it took a while for me to get my hands on one, but I was over the moon when it finally arrived.

The moment I received the jersey I told myself, “That’s it. I have to try this out as soon as possible!” As soon as possible turned out to be the local parkrun, which is Darlington South Park.

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Ipswich Sri Chinmoy 2 miles, 2016

(This article contributed by Paul Horne who, like most of his fellow runners decided that a club vest was hardly appropriate for what turned out to be just a fun run. He was registered in the club’s name, though, so it’s official!)

Ipswich start 2016

I had raced in nineteen Sri Chinmoy events between 1985 to 1998 at various distances from 1 mile to 10 miles so when I saw that there was a free event on 4th December, 2016, to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of their peace mile, I signed up. The event was to be held on one of the old courses and was only 2 miles which shouldn’t be a problem the day after a parkrun.

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Rugged Radnage 10k

(Thanks to Simon Cope for this report)

Having taken part in the Rugged Radnage [new tab] in 2012 and 2015, and not enjoyed either run, I approached this event with some trepidation.

Rugged Radnage - balance

Rugged Radnage – balance

The course is, as the name suggests, mainly off-road, down and up some fairly precipitous inclines (or ‘gently undulating’, as we say in the Chilterns) which at this time of year and after the recent spate of heavy rain and leaf-fall are usually pretty treacherous. Driving to the start with my windscreen wipers on full pelt, and parking in a field as the farmer was laying down straw to try and prevent it becoming too boggy did nothing to allay my concerns.

I unexpectedly met up with a work colleague and a fellow Hash House Harrier before the off, then we all shuffled out of the steaming warmth of Radnage Village Hall and across the rainswept common to the start.

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Cardiff Morunning

Bute Park - Cardiff

Bute Park – Cardiff

This year’s Movember MoRun [new tab] 5k and 10k events were run in Bute Park [new tab] behind the city’s famous Victorian castle.  VCAC was represented in the 10k race by Peter Bradley.

The flat, 10k course was a two lap, winding circuit around the park, involving crossing the River Taf at two points via narrow bridges.  The second of these was particularly troublesome on the first circuit, at around 4k, and many runners lost up to a full minute waiting to actually get onto it, partly because the 5k tailenders were still crossing.  Fortunately, things had thinned out a bit by the second lap and no further time was lost.

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