Club Constitution


The name of the club is the Vegetarian Cycling & Athletic Club and its objects are:

i. the promotion of sport amongst vegetarians;

ii. the promotion of vegetarianism amongst sports-people.


1 All members of the club shall be classed as either ‘members’ (who conform to the minimum vegetarian system of diet of abstinence from flesh, fish, fowl, shellfish or crustacean) or ‘associates’ (who are in favour of the system and who agree, as far as possible, to promote the adoption of such a system and the advancement of the club).

a) No new associates shall be elected to the club as of November 2004 and those currently so classed shall be required, as their memberships become due, to either become members in accordance with the above definition or have their membership renewal refused.

b) No associate is permitted to enter any race in the club’s name nor wear the club’s racing kit.

2 Any candidate for election shall send to the Membership Secretary an application form on a form approved by the Committee. The application shall be considered by the Membership Secretary, and may be approved by him/her. In the event that the Membership Secretary does not approve an application, it shall be sent to the General Secretary who will arrange for the Committee to decide the matter by ballot. A candidate refused at the Committee stage may further request that his/her election be considered at an EGM – subject to the provisions laid down elsewhere in this constitution – or at the next AGM; such a candidate being allowed to be present and make his/her case for election at such a meeting. At both the Committee and General Meeting stages, if a third of those voting vote against the election of the candidate, such candidate shall not be elected.

3 On election and on the 1st of January each year thereafter a subscription shall be payable by each member to the club at rates and in categories determined at the previous AGM. The subscription of those joining after the 30th of September shall not be renewable until after the end of the following year.

a) Members may be elected honorary members at AGMs in consideration of valuable services to the club or the vegetarian cause. He or she is absolved from payment of the annual subscription but is subject to all other provisions of the club. All honorary memberships granted from November 2005 to be reviewed 5-yearly and either confirmed or annulled as thought proper.

4 Members may be classed as either first or second claim in any discipline for which such provision is made by that sport’s governing body, and in accordance with that body’s rules.

a)>Members may be registered as first claim for one sport and second claim for another, e.g. a first claim cyclist and a second claim runner.

b) Members may change their first or second claim status in any discipline subject to complying with the rules of the sport’s governing body.

5 The Committee shall have the power to expel a member or associate from the club by a majority of those voting. In such cases the individual expelled shall immediately lose all rights of membership except that he/she may request that his/her membership be considered at an EGM – subject to the provisions for such meetings laid down elsewhere in this constitution – or at the next AGM; the expelled individual being entitled to be present and make his/her case for membership. If a majority of those voting vote for the election of such an individual, then his/her membership will be retrospectively regarded as continuous.


6 The administration of the club shall be by the Committee constituted as prescribed elsewhere in this constitution. The Committee shall have the right, ‘inter alia’, to make regulations that do not conflict with the constitution of the club and to conduct business in accordance with the club’s constitution.

7 The Committee shall consist of the President, the Treasurer, the General Secretary, the Athletics Secretary, the Cycling Secretary, the Newsletter Editor, the Membership Secretary and up to five general members of the club. With the exception of the President who shall be elected at an AGM for a five-year term, those filling these roles to be elected annually at the AGM. The Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy and to co-opt further members.

Procedure regarding Meetings

8 Notice: A minimum of two weeks clear notice of all general meetings, details relating to confirmatory ballots and the last date for receipt of votes pertaining thereto, shall be sent to all members and associates of the club by the General Secretary, provided that the accidental omission of such to any individual shall not invalidate proceedings.

9 Chair: The first item on the agenda for any general meeting shall be the election of a chairperson, any person present to propose. The chairperson shall have a vote in any division and in the case of equality of voting shall have a casting vote.

10 Voting: The voting at any general meeting shall be by a show of hands unless a secret ballot is demanded by one-third of those present.

11 Quorum: The quorum at any general meeting, and the minimum number of those voting in a ballot held to confirm a resolution aimed at changing the club’s constitution, shall be not less than eight members or 10% of the total number of members and associates, whichever is the fewer. If within one hour of the advertised time of starting the meeting the meeting is not quorate, those present shall be competent to transact such business as contained in the notice of the meeting. No emergency resolutions will be accepted for discussion or voting unless the meeting is quorate, and only then subject to paragraph 15.

12 AGM: The Annual general meeting (AGM) shall be held at not less than ten months and not more than fourteen months after the previous AGM.

13 At an AGM the minimum business to be transacted shall be:

i)The presentation and adoption of a report of the club’s financial accounts for the year;
ii) The election of the Committee and post-holders for the following year;
iii) Discussion of, and voting on, any resolutions included in the notice to members and associates, unless the resolution is withdrawn by the proposer;
iv) The setting of a date for the next AGM.

14 Agenda items: Proposals for resolution and discussion matters should be sent in writing to the General Secretary to arrive four weeks before the date set for the AGM. Emergency resolutions and discussion matters may be allowed under AOB subject to the chairperson’s discretion or one-third of those present voting to allow such.

15 Extraordinary meetings: An Extraordinary General Meeting of the club shall be convened and held within twenty-eight days of receipt of a written request signed by not less than 10% of the members and associates of the club, or ten of those members, whichever is the fewer. Such a requisition must specify the purpose of the meeting and be accompanied by the sum equal to ten times the cost of a senior member’s annual subscription to defray the cost thereof. This sum may be returned if a majority of those present and voting so vote.

Racing / Club Colours:

16 Racing colours shall be predominantly green and gold. The final designs shall be determined by the Committee. Any cyclist who wishes to may also have white stripes from shoulder to elbow to aid identification, particularly in long distance races.

Welfare Policy:

17 The Club has adopted a code of conduct and welfare policy, as stated in ‘Appendix 1 – VCAC Welfare Policy’.

Grievance Procedure:

18 The Club has adopted a grievance procedure, as stated in ‘Appendix 2 – VCAC Grievance Procedure’, which should be followed by the Club and its members in order to resolve grievances within the Club.

Dave Anderson, General Secretary Version: 24-11-2014