5km League

The club has two handicap leagues based on the 5km distance popularised by parkrun. To tie in with our AGM write ups they run from the 1st October each year until the 30th September of the following.

The first is a straightforward WAVA+ corrected time for the current year’s best performance – fastest corrected time to win.

The second is an improvement league that compares PB performances from one year to the next – greatest improvement percentage to win. In both cases performances are corrected to allow for age and gender by figures produced by the World Association of Veteran Athletes (now known as World Masters Athletics). We are offering a £12 clothing voucher, one year’s free membership or the option to have the same amount paid to a vegetarian friendly charity of the winner’s choosing.

5km League 2015/16 (Updated 4th September 2016)

Results for members with ‘Vegetarian Cycling and AC’ as their club in their parkrun profile should be added without you needing to do anything. Otherwise please send your results in via the contact form.

WAVA+ is an adjusted time using the existing WAVA adjustments for age grades of men and women in order to allow different ages to be compared, then a further adjustment for women to take account of the different World Record times used in the calculation. This adjustment makes the scores between men and women comparable.