Spring is here

Canalathon 2017

Canalathon 2017

Yes, spring is definitely in the air and bringing with it the usual crop of early-season races. Two of these had club representatives amongst the entrants: but at rather different ends of their respective fields…

On 26th March, 2017, Adrian Brooks took part in the Canalathon. As you can see from the website if you follow the link in the previous sentence, you get to choose from 100km, 75km and 50km versions of the event.

Adrian ran the 75km version and finished first out of thirty-two runners in a time of 6hr 30min 28sec. I make that around five minutes per kilometre. Well done, Adrian! That’s a terrific result in my book.

At the other end of the scale, Peter Bradley (me) took part in the Cardiff Bay Run 10k. My current ambition is to complete a 10k in less than an hour and this time I wasn’t too far away: surprisingly really, since training hasn’t been going too well and I took a fall on Tuesday whilst out on my last long run before the event (see the image below).

After the fall

After the Fall

And guess what! I fell during the race, too, at about the seven kilometre mark. Fortunately I rolled with it this time rather than putting my nose to the pavement, so apart from some scuffs to my right arm I escaped pretty much unscathed. In fact I think the experience was more upsetting for the other runners around me than it was for me.

After getting up, I walked for a couple of hundred yards and pretty much parked any ideas of a PB, but the adrenaline must have got to me because I finished just outside 60 minutes (61:09). That’s a recent PB, and quite a bit better than I did in the Cardiff 10k last September.

Very happy with that. The next 10k has got to be under the hour, hasn’t it?

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