Web Stats January 2016

The last two months have both set records for the number of people visiting the VC&AC website, and the number of pages read. The image below shows some of the statistics that we collect about the site.

Webstats 02 2017

Web statistics as of 02 Feb, 2017

You will see from the image that in December 2016, the site was visited over 3,000 (3,088) times with over 4,000 (4,409) individual page reads. January was even better, with 3,405 visits and, 4918 reads.

I hope that this is a reflection of the usefulness of the site to its users and does not suggest that users have become couch potatoes over the holiday period. But, seriously, if you do have any suggestions for improving the site—anything you would like to see that isn’t presently included, or improvements in the way the site works—please let us know. Use our contact form and the topic Website.

We will try to reply to every suggestion and, if we get a number of them, we will try to cover them in an article.

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