Cardiff Morunning

Bute Park - Cardiff

Bute Park – Cardiff

This year’s Movember MoRun [new tab] 5k and 10k events were run in Bute Park [new tab] behind the city’s famous Victorian castle.  VCAC was represented in the 10k race by Peter Bradley.

The flat, 10k course was a two lap, winding circuit around the park, involving crossing the River Taf at two points via narrow bridges.  The second of these was particularly troublesome on the first circuit, at around 4k, and many runners lost up to a full minute waiting to actually get onto it, partly because the 5k tailenders were still crossing.  Fortunately, things had thinned out a bit by the second lap and no further time was lost.

The weather was once again fine, meaning that Cardiff had managed to host two 10k races in fine weather in the space of two months: something of a record for the Welsh capital, which usually manages to supply a generous amount of descending liquid for the runners’ fun and entertainment.  Just ask Mo Farah!

VCAC’s representative, Peter Bradley, had spent two of the eight weeks between the Cardiff 10k and the MoRun 10k visiting Valencia and Barcelona and had therefore not trained particularly well, so he did not expect to run a very fast time. His objective was limited to finishing in “less minutes than my age”. In the event, this ambition was achieved fairly comfortably.  Peter finished 851st out of 1479 in a time of 1:05:28 (gun) or 1:04:37 (chip).

One day, we’ll have to run a competition to guess his age!

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