Cardiff 10k 2016

The Cardiff 10k 2016 was held in glorious sunshine on 11th September, 2016 and the club was represented by (at least) Peter Bradley. If any other members ran this highly popular race, please let us know how you did and we’ll post your information along with any images you choose to share with us.

Happy before the start

Happy before the start

You may remember that Peter had a disastrous Cardiff 5k in May, suffering from a torn calf muscle, and finished, limping, in a personal worst of 39:05 minutes. Since then a prolonged recovery and rehabilitation along with some knee trouble have meant that training for the 10k has not been easy. So plans to finish in under an hour were abandoned and a goal of finishing in fewer minutes than his age was established in their place. He managed that with something to spare, finishing in 62:24 minutes (chip time) in the 2892nd position out of 4531 finishers.  Gun time was 66:43 and both times met the target, so now you can make a reasonable guess at his age.

This popular 10k event is run on the streets and in the parks of Cardiff city centre.  The course is flat, so it makes for a good location if you’re looking for a PB. The support this year from the people of Cardiff was tremendous with enthusiastic crowds along both sides of the route for all its length.

A good day, and the 5k misery completely obliterated from memory.


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