Endure24 2016

Vegetarian Cycling and Athletic Club member Geoff Roberson reports back on a rather tiring weekend at Endure24. Well done Geoff!

‘I’m absolutely shattered. Just come back from Endure24. A 24 hour endurance race. I was in a team of eight. We managed to get everyone around four times so a total of 32 laps (8×4) or 160 miles. I ran at 16:00 & 22:00 on Saturday and 04:00 & 12:00 on Sunday with only about three hours sleep. It’s like running a marathon but not like running a marathon. With a team of eight its only twenty miles so not as far but dragged out over 24 hours. Definitely an experience I’ll never forget and one I want to do again. Such an awesome team. Any one up for a VC&AC team? There was a team of “Vegan Runners” so the gauntlet has been thrown. There are quite a few 24 hour endurance races around, some up north, so plenty to choose from. The team spirit is amazing and I think this would be an amazing social weekend. I wasn’t in a fit state to drive at the end as I was so knackered but the buzz was amazing. BTW half of the team I’ve just run with were vegetarians which was very nice.’

Geoff Roberson Endure24 Medal

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