Ultra Weekend May 2016

Some great performances and a fair amount of suffering from our ultra runners on the hot weekend of 7th/8th May 2016!

Guy Riddell at the Hardcastle 24 hour:

‘Mixed weekend for me, with my planned 24 hour race cut short by sunstroke/vomiting after a day in the sun. My 45 miles in 11hrs with 5,000ft+ ascent was good enough for 3rd male in the 12 hour race however. Plus got to spend a weekend camping with great friends while modelling the VCAC kit for the new catalogue 😉 ‘

Guy Riddell Hardcastle 24 2016

Guy Riddell – Hardcastle 24 2016

Ben Kasper ran the Malvern Hills Ultra:

‘Very much in pain. Right shoulder, every part of my legs and feet, tight abs, neck, and of course the chaffing! But I completed the Malvern Hills Ultra 52 miles in around 11:30. Waiting on official times as my watch ran out of battery. What an amazing race. Met some lovely people, 5 of which I ran with for 40 miles, crossing the finish line all together. Pictures to come, waiting for official ones because my phone also had no battery! I would say I’d sleep well, but the pain is going to stop me from that! Oh and I was a top 50 finisher 🙂 ‘

Ben Kasper Malvern Hills Ultra 2016

Ben Kasper – Malvern Hills Ultra 2016

Dave Anderson got his money’s worth at the Kintyre Way Ultra:

‘To add one more to the photos from this weekend, here’s me (Dave) a few miles into the Kintyre Way Ultra Marathon. I’m the one with the tie-dye head and stupid grin. I took 9 hrs 1 min to cover 35.5 miles and the equivalent of one Ben Nevis in ascent. Great fun. Think I finished 48 out of 51 as a dedicated back-of-the-packer. I reckon I need to lose a pound or two by the looks of this – I wasn’t hiding a pillow under my top… 😉 ‘

Dave Anderson Kintyre Way Ultra 2016

Dave Anderson – Kintyre Way Ultra 2016

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