Stephen Wells – Member Spotlight

1. Which sport(s) do you / did you participate in?  Running & Cycling

2. Which year did you become a veggie and why? 
Full time in 2012, stopped eating meat after an illness the year before, then fish and found the world of Vegetarian meals

3. What’s your favourite veggie food?  Hot and spicy

4. Could you recommend a good veggie café / restaurant?  Pimento Tearooms, Lincoln

5. Thinking about your sporting activities, what’s your favourite event to participate in?
Parkrun, if only we had it 40 years ago.

6. What’s your favourite sports event to watch?  Not really a spectator

7. Are there any other sports you’d like to try?  Bowls

8. What made you start participating?
Started cycle racing at 13, ran cross country at school but was a late entry to running at 54 years old.

9. Do you / did you always train purposefully, or just for fun?
Mainly for fun now.

Stephen Wells

Stephen Wells

10. Do you / did you prefer to be on trails / off road, or on the road?
Would like to try trail running.

11. What is your favourite distance to run / cycle?
Running, Half Marathon. Cycling, 25 Miles

12. Which events are on your ‘must do’ or ‘would like to do’ list?
Ride one of the Tour de France mountain stages

13. What are your plans, sporting wise, for the next few years?
Keep going whist the knees are working

14. What is favourite post-event / post-training treat?
Coffee & Cake and then more cake.

15. Do you have any tips for those starting out in your sport?
Don’t read too much, go with what’s right for you.

16. What is your favourite bit of kit?
Elastic strap to hold my glasses on.

17. What would you recommend as a good food for refuelling on those long runs / bike-rides?
Bananas and cake

18. What’s your most embarrassing mishap at an event?
Crashing in a town centre cycle race.

19. Tell us a surprising fact about yourself?
I am not too keen on vegetables.

20. Which sporting achievement are you most proud of?
Running my first cross country half marathon without any serious training.

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