Richard Chatburn – Member Spotlight

1. Your name?  Richard Chatburn

2. Which sport(s) do you / did you participate in? Cycling and running

3. Which year did you become a veggie and why?
I became ovo-lacto vegetarian in 1990. I had always disliked the idea of meat eating… but my mother thought otherwise. Then I went to a sausage skin factory through work. I’ve never eaten any meat since. I have been close to veganism a number of times, but just never taken the final step.

4. What’s your favourite veggie food?
I like any and all vegetables. I haven’t got a favourite. Same goes for fruit.

5. Could you recommend a good veggie café / restaurant?
The pie shop in Lochinver has some cracking vegetarian pies!

6. Thinking about your sporting activities, what’s your favourite event to participate in?
I love running 10 mile races. The maths are easy and it feels like ‘my’ distance.

7. What’s your favourite sports event to watch?
Cycling on Eurosport these days; live rugby league when I get the chance.

8. Are there any other sports you’d like to try?
Kayaking – I live near the sea and often think I’d like to give it a go.

9. What made you start participating?
I love sport and have always run and cycled. Probably an endorphin addict!

10. Do you / did you always train purposefully, or just for fun?
I like to be focused in my running so I will tend to pick out a few races each year as targets. I then train for them. But I often get distracted and end up doing daft events or running long, long runs. It’s all about enjoyment for me… but targets help me keep some level of focus.

Richard Chatburn

11. Do you / did you prefer to be on trails / off road, or on the road?
No preference. Just a balance between the two as far as running goes. I prefer road cycling these days, though after a bad mountain bike accident a few years ago 🙁

12. What is your favourite distance to run / cycle?
When running I like long runs over 15 miles. I can mentally switch off from the world and enjoy the run. If I go out on the bike it’s kind of the same – long distance over 60 miles.

13. Which events are on your ‘must do’ or ‘would like to do’ list?
Must do this year is my first road marathon. Never done one and have felt that I needed to tick it off. I’m doing the Baxter’s Marathon at Loch Ness and looking forward to it. After that I fancy an ultra-run… but am not going to think about that too much just yet.

14. What are your plans, sporting wise, for the next few years?
Stay fit and healthy and enjoy my sport.

15. What is favourite post-event / post-training treat?
A bottle of beer whilst in the bath.

16. Do you have any tips for those starting out in your sport?
Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Don’t just train for the sake of it; go out with a purpose and enjoy it!

17. What is your favourite bit of kit?
My Garmin 610. It’s brought a whole new dimension to my running.

18. What would you recommend as a good food for refuelling on those long runs / bike-rides?
I’m type 1 diabetic so refuelling is a very interesting topic. I stick to dextrose tablets at regular intervals and an electrolyte drink. I might have a cereal bar depending on the distance whilst cycling. But in the diabetic world it’s all a balancing act!

19. What’s your most embarrassing mishap at an event?
Whilst warming up for a 10 mile race I got lost in a housing estate. I got a bit frantic as the race was about to start and ended up vaulting over fences etc. to get to the line. But I missed the start and found myself actually running against the direction of the race. Folk were looking at me like I’d lost the plot as I ran to the start line, turned round and then sprinted to catch the back of the field. Lesson learned!

20. Tell us a surprising fact about yourself?
My favourite weather for running is during heavy snow in the middle of winter.

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