Kate Wright

VC&AC member Kate Wright answers our questions.


1. Which sport(s) do you / did you participate in?
Running (half marathon distance up to ultra)

2. Which year did you become a veggie and why?
2011. I honestly don’t know why!!!

3. What’s your favourite veggie food?
Tofu is amazing. I’m too lazy to cook anything else so it’s tofu scramble and baked beans all the way 🙂

4. Could you recommend a good veggie café / restaurant?
Not in Dundee!

5. Thinking about your sporting activities, what’s your favourite event to participate in?
Jedburgh Ultra was my best experience so far.

6. What’s your favourite sports event to watch?
I never watch sports.

7. Are there any other sports you’d like to try?
Nope, nothing matches the peace of long distance running!

8. What made you start participating?
I was twice my current weight and people had told me that I would never manage a half marathon, so I ran one to prove them wrong.

9. Do you / did you always train purposefully, or just for fun?
I’m often just training for fun, races are very occasional for me.

Kate Wright

Kate Wright

10. Do you / did you prefer to be on trails / off road, or on the road?
I love running trails, it’s much more fun and you get a softer landing when you fall.

11. What is your favourite distance to run / cycle?
Marathon plus

12. Which events are on your ‘must do’ or ‘would like to do’ list?
I would love to run the West Highland Way sometime!

13. What are your plans, sporting wise, for the next few years?
Run! Wherever and whenever.

14. What is favourite post-event / post-training treat?
A pint of cider.

15. Do you have any tips for those starting out in your sport?
Relax and enjoy the scenery 🙂 long distances really aren’t that scary if you just take it easy.

16. What is your favourite bit of kit?
My Salomon S-Lab race pack. It lets me carry everything I need for 20-30 mile solo training runs.

17. What would you recommend as a good food for refuelling on those long runs / bike-rides?

18. What’s your most embarrassing mishap at an event?
Nothing too dreadful so far.

19. Tell us a surprising fact about yourself?
I was the Melrose Festival Queen of 1992!

20. Which sporting achievement are you most proud of?
Completing my first half marathon

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