Michael Brunner

Vegetarian Cycling and Athletic Club member Michael Brunner tells us about his cycling.

1. Which sport(s) do you / did you participate in?
Cycling – Road, Cyclocross, Touring

2. Which year did you become a veggie and why?
Sometime around 1992 when I realized that the piece of meat on my plate actually is a part of a dead animal and tastes horrible.

3. What’s your favourite veggie food?
I like chickpeas – Falafel, chickpeaflour-pancakes, hummus.

4. Could you recommend a good veggie café / restaurant?
Sattgrün in Düsseldorf, Germany my favourite place for lunchbreaks.

5. Thinking about your sporting activities, what’s your favourite event to participate in?
Dunwich Dynamo, a nightride to the Suffolk coast.

6. What’s your favourite sports event to watch?
Ronde van Flanderen, (Tour de France only if it’s in Yorkshire 🙂  ).

7. Are there any other sports you’d like to try?
Maybe some day Krav Maga.

8. What made you start participating?
Being a veggie for more than the half of my life I just didn’t think about it ‘cos it was just normal. But when I had to change my diet last year I again became more conscious of being a veggie with the result of increasing the vegan part of my diet. In combination with my plan to become an End2Ender (see no. 13)in the next five years it was an obvious choice to join an UK based club to remind me of my plans (and there isn’t a veggie cycling club in Germany anyway 😉  )

9. Do you / did you always train purposefully, or just for fun?
Just for fun.

10. Do you / did you prefer to be on trails / off road, or on the road?
 A nice calm country lane with rolling hills, that’s fun.

Michael Brunner

Michael Brunner

11. What is your favourite distance to run / cycle?
If there’s the time, get up in the morning and go for 200+ k, but no matter what distance get on your bike!

12. Which events are on your ‘must do’ or ‘would like to do’ list?
Exmouth Exodus (had to skip it this year)
C2C in a day
Lakeland Monstermiles 100k

13. What are your plans, sporting wise, for the next few years?
I’ll do my E2E ride (LEJOG) in the next 5 years, so some more long-distance rides might be useful (maybe Germany west to east next year).

14. What is favourite post-event / post-training treat?
Some homemade Ginger Ale or a cool non-alcoholic Weizenbier in the summertime.

15. Do you have any tips for those starting out in your sport?
Get on your bike and have fun, slowly increase the distances to your first 100k and don’t bother about training tips 😉

16. What is your favourite bit of kit?
My Carradice Super C SQR Tour seatpost bag.

17. What would you recommend as a good food for refuelling on those long runs / bike-rides?
Dates and bananas.

18. Which sporting achievement are you most proud of?
I’m not a competitive rider, so the sporting achievement I’m most proud of is when I started my ride in Harwich on the first day (Fri) to go to London, did the DunRun from Hackney to the Suffolk coast on the Saturday night, returned from Dunwich to the Harwich Ferry on Sunday and crossed the Netherlands on Monday to return to Germany. So I did about 620 k in four days carrying my 7kg of luggage on my bike.

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