New website – info for members

Welcome to the new Vegetarian Cycling and Athletic club website 🙂

For ease of editing and maintenance, as well as an attempt to freshen up the club’s web presence, I have replaced the previous Drupal based site with this WordPress version, I hope you like it.

I had to turn off member web account registrations on the previous website a while back due to the sheer amount of fake applicants and, what with a rather inactive forum and limited uploading of events and results by members, it doesn’t seem worthwhile attempting to continue with member web accounts. A big thank-you to members who did log-in and upload stuff!

Please do continue to send in your planned events, results, reports and photos via our contact forms, by email or post to our facebook page so I can copy them here. If any members fancy posting their own blog reports let me know and I’ll set you up a log-in.

Feedback and bug reports welcome!

Nik Windle (Website Admin)

New account details

The website admin in-box before we finally had to give up on members accounts!


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