About the Club

The Vegetarian Cycling and Athletic Club, originally the Vegetarian Cycling Club, was established in 1888 to demonstrate that vegetarians could compete against meat eaters on an equal footing. We have members of all abilities from commuting cyclists to high class competitors. Mainly based in the United Kingdom and participating in running, cycling, athletics and multi-sport we welcome all vegetarian sports people.

It’s VC&AC runner Kate Wright’s turn under the spotlight – you can find out why it’s best to pack sandwiches if heading for Dundee here.

Mark Scothern

If you’re a VC&AC member and you run at any of the many parkrun events you can update your profile to include that you’re in the club and we’ll automatically get your results to add to the club’s parkrun league.

First and second claim members welcome.

Affiliated to England Athletics, British Cycling, Cycling Time Trials, British Triathlon Federation, the Vegetarian Society.